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Paranoia Union

Lifetime banning for Donald Trump imposed by Twitter is not the first warning sign. This is the last bell. The mere fact that someone has been forbidden to speak in public is incredible in itself. This is the end of democracy. In the era of endless promotion of tolerance for the catalog of other beliefs, denominations or sexual differences, the elimination of the President’s voice from the public space sounds like a sciene fiction. And yet it happened. This elimination is in line with the sick policy of the Western’s World of the last years, the policy of one-sided tolerance, and the policy of yielding the majority to the minority.

An important aspect of this policy is opening up to the wave of immigration from Muslim countries. It was this aspect that led to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The English wanted to regain control of their borders. Countries of the Western world (EU, USA, UK) today face problems that pose a real threat to their societies. Solving these problems is not particularly complicated, as it was demonstrated by the United States during Donald Trump’s presidency or the United Kingdom after leaving the European Union. All you need is a few wise, uncompromising decisions without regard to political correctness, and for the sake of your own citizens.

The discrepancy in the assessment of dangers between the citizens of the European Union and its leaders generates a dispute that is very harmful and destructive. The authorities forgot that they were called to solve people’s problems and to neutralize their fears. Meanwhile, the authorities of the European Union, instead of listening to what Europeans want, try to convince them what is good for them and what they should and should not be afraid of. Not very optimistic paranoia. Similar paranoia began to consume the United States of America. Here is the new president Joe Biden, speaking of the need for the unity of the nation, he is doing exactly what he can to divide this nation even more. For Republican voters, the questioning from the first day of the new presidency all the important political directions of the last four years is a clear message about what kind of unity Biden is talking about. About none. For Biden, unity is a pacifist slogan for political theater. The United States will have what Poland has had during the eight years of the rule of the Civic Platform.


and who are we?

Every manifestation of conservative thought is immediately questioned by the EU establishment. For various reasons: homophobia, xenophobia, populism, and even nazism. Trump x-rayed them. He talked about it. That’s why they hated Him. Many of these concerns define our fear: of the expansion of Islam, of sexual deviations, of foreign capital terrorism, the domination of communist China, Putin’s imperial aspirations, etc. This is our fear. A fear is good because it allows us to act and choose correctly. The EU leaders want to neutralize this fear, which is the source of our defense against dangers. They have their goals in it. This is a separate story.

And we Europeans and our brothers Americans stand today at a special moment in history. Turning a blind eye to the growing evil, supporting it at the cost of certain profits, has always ended in drama and cruelty for the world. We face the challenge of totalitarianism again, but much more sublime. It’s hard to recognize. It is patchy. The greater the need for unity of people for whom the Judeo-Christian values, the family as the foundation of the state, love for the homeland, affection to tradition and culture are the interpretation of the world in which we want to live. We must not be persuaded that patriotism is Nazism, even this German patriotism. The European steering elite from Brussels devised such a skillful figure to overthrow any pro-national movement by stigmatizing with the nazism. Nationalism is good. Whoever does not love the nation will love no one.

If we want our children, grandchildren, us to live in the world of our dreams, our vision, we must be united. This unification must go beyond national borders. In view of our identical moral values, they do not matter. This unification will follow. The internet has removed barriers. We can communicate with each other. We – civilizationists!


welcome home

It is a very interesting story. Richard Pipes, whom I especially remember this year, analyzed, described and exposed communism – the bloodiest totalitarian system in the world. He left us an instruction for the evil that was. His son, Daniel, gives us a map to the new world. He named the map, gave general directions, but left us to fill. April 14, 2018, when Daniel Pipes published an article under this title, could be considered the Rise of Western Civilizationism.

He defines civilizationism on the basis of the far-right parties in Europe, which many refer as nationalist. According to Daniel Pipes, these parties  are „patriotic, not nationalist; defensive, not aggressive. They root for soccer teams, not military victories. They cherish English customs, not the British empire; the bikini, not German bloodlines. They hanker neither for empires nor claim national superiority. Nationalism classically concerns power, wealth, and glory; they focus on mores, traditions, and culture. Though called neo-fascist or neo-Nazi, these parties put a premium on personal liberty and traditional culture; notions such as „One People, One Nation, One Leader” have little attraction to them.” Better call them „civilizationist,” focusing on their cultural priority, because they feel intense frustration at watching their way of life disappear. They cherish Europe’s and the West’s traditional culture and want to defend it from assault by immigrants aided by the left.”

According to Pipes, the parties representing civilization „will grow in strength and play an increasingly important role in modern Europe.” This is due not only the pro-immigration policy of the EU leaders, but also their ignorance of social moods, and what is worse, presenting a reality that is different than it is. Hungary and Poland, where civilizationists rule on their own, have chosen their own path. Today, this part of Europe will decide its fate for generations. The shape and future of the continent will depend on the strength of its leaders, the V4 group and the Three Seas Initiative, the continent whose erroneous decisions by well-known politicians have pushed them into the risk of Islamization and cultural destruction.

Today, thanks to Daniel Pipes, civilizationism becomes a named ideology, where all people of good will, for whom the God of Abraham, fatherland, family, tradition and cultural identity are values ​​that define existence and development. Civilizationism is becoming a place where the supporters of Trump, Orban or Kaczyński will be able to join forces in a joint fight for understanding, not tolerance, for help, not pity, for the defense of the truth, not for sanctioning lies, the good of all, not the interests of the chosen ones . There has never been a place in the world where people of the above-mentioned values, with similar point of view, understanding the world in conservative terms, could feel that they belong to it.

Today, it is civilizationism that becomes our common home, home of Professor Daniel Pipes, Piotr Chmielewski, Katalin Novák, Nick Adams, Michel Houellebecq, Judy Levine, Edina Toth, Katarzyna Maron, Emerald Robinson … and all who share these values. Welcome to civilizationism, welcome home!

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